‘Everything that has lost its function will sooner or later end up in a museum, or so our culture seems to wish’ Urs Stahel

The series collected concentrates on the idea of collecting, and aims to raise questions around why we collect. We can be unaware of owning boxes full of objects that in someone’s eyes are of great interest. These may be full of belongings from many generations, beautifully organised away from view. When we take these belongings away from their owners and into a gallery space, we can appreciate the individual items and find them a new function and order away from their histories. Some collections are gathered over hundreds of years, and some only a few. They work their way through many generations of organised and stored away interests.

The role of the museum is very important in my work. I have organised my findings and curated them into a form which would suit a museum or gallery space. Collected objects are reunited through their disuse. Lost and discarded with time, found as art. We are all collectors.

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